Web Analytics for Real People

Learn how to build and analyze a customer funnel for your online business.

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I don’t know about you, but when I was starting out using Google Analytics, I was exhausted from confusion.

Not only is it intimidating just opening up your Google Analytics dashboard, but all the information out there on it makes your head spin at some point.

Every blog post I read and video I watched either treated the subject like you were a luddite who had never used “the internet” before or like you were an experienced data analyst who knew all the complex jargon and coding on the matter.

I didn’t really want to be a data analyst. I was just a guy who wanted to figure out how to use my data to grow my business and the businesses I worked with.

That’s it.


After boring myself to tears with all of those blog posts, I eventually realized that there’s something perplexing going on in the information age, and that is this:

The tendency to measure virtually every data point leads to an inability to make useful, data-driven decisions about your business.

It sounds bizarre, but it’s true.

I see too many small business owners who think that since they can measure social media traffic, they should focus on a social media strategy. Or that since they can measure organic search traffic, they should focus on an SEO strategy. Or that since they can measure paid ad traffic…

You get the idea.

This is bad. Very bad.

I try to get business owners to understand that we should instead use these powerful tools to identify and accurately measure only the few, most important metrics for our businesses.

I’m talking about the metrics that make the difference between a business that does okay and one that dominates its niche.

Or the difference between a business that dies and one that thrives.

You need a simple system to monitor these metrics so you can make informed, intelligent decisions about your business.

And you need a system that does it quickly.


Over the years, I developed a simple system to help me figure out what exactly I should be focusing on with my business.I used this system for clients as well, and soon they started asking about how they could do it too. So I taught them.

I took two very powerful, but simple frameworks and mashed them together. The first is the AARRR sales funnel method (which stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral), and the second is Google Analytics.

I made a simple report (you can get a free one-page version, if you haven’t already) and only included the most important metrics for each level for whatever business I was working on.

Check it out..

Click on one of the images to see the full size version in a new tab.

This formed the simple, to-the-point framework I had been looking for all along.

And this course not only teaches you that framework, it helps you build it too.

Let’s build some stuff.

Your Instructor

Drew Birnie
Drew Birnie

I've spent nearly the past decade in the online world as a content and data junkie. Web analytics isn't actually my passion—building things is my passion. Data is a tool that helps us build and run a business more intelligently. So let's build stuff together.


In this course, I walk you through, step-by-step, setting up a funnel and, most importantly, how to analyze your funnel to spot the most important areas of your business you should be focusing on right now to maximize profit.

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  • 6-page expanded version of the funnel report
  • Video lessons on funnel setup and report analysis to help you identify exactly which channels and tactics you should be devoting your time to
  • UTM link builder tool to build and organize all your links for more precise tracking
  • Deep dive into each level of your funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral
  • Workbook to brainstorm, organize, and track all your marketing strategies
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME: One month of direct access to me on any questions you have or any help you need with your funnel

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